Balance Presents Sudbeat Mixed by Hernan Cattaneo
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(Balance Music Digital Release: February 24, 2017North American Physical Release: March 3, 2017)

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“All music on the compilation is exclusive and unheard before, so I’m sure all our followers will be very pleased to find so many fresh tracks to discover. Both mixes are the perfect example of Sudbeat’s identity that of course is also mine as a DJ.” - Hernan Cattaneo

The globally renowned Balance Music series combines forces with dance music maestro Hernan Cattaneo’s acclaimed Sudbeat label for their next double disc compilation featuring entirely unreleased and exclusive material, Balance Presents Sudbeat Mixed by Hernan Cattaneo out digitally February 24, 2017 and physically March 3, 2017 in North America. After the release of the compilation, Cattaneo has a stretch of North American dates in March including Washington D.C., Brooklyn, Montreal, Miami Music Week, and Chicago following dates in Europe and around the world.

Cattaneo describes Sudbeat, founded in 2009 alongside friend Graziano Raffa who manages the label as “Global in ethos; South American in spirit.” Having celebrated Sudbeat’s 100th release last year, Cattaneo and Raffa have brought the world mesmerizing electronic music from some of the world's biggest producers, as well as fostering countless new talents. “We both think that musical identity is crucial,” explains Cattaneo, and it’s something that’s stamped all over this divine new double disc compilation comprised entirely of unreleased, exclusive material from the label’s roster in collaboration with Balance Music.

Always highly focused with his approach to compilations, Cattaneo focuses on the sound of now rather than muddying things with anything more conceptual. “Like every other album I did, I always want to showcase my sound at a certain moment in time.” As such, each effort provides a snapshot to his ever-evolving work, and a succinct souvenir of that particular era. Line them up together and what’s consistent is his love of melody, atmosphere and texture.

This compilation digs deep into the Sudbeat network of rising talents from across the globe, unearthing many a lesser-known and promising names in the process. “Working as a DJ, I get hundreds of links with new music every week” says Cattaneo. “It is a great opportunity to discover really interesting stuff to put on the label.” With Sudbeat having such a clear identity, putting this compilation together was an organic process for him with pairings and sequencings almost picking themselves. “When you have a clear music identity and so many great artists on the label, it’s really enjoyable to put together an album like this.

Disc 1 is a slow-burning, downtempo affair that rounds-up Sudbeat’s less dancefloor-focused output but is perfect for listening while at the beach, or at home. At times the slower tempo even gives the captivating melodies and atmospheres more room to breathe and sink in; the chugging beat anchoring a hypnotic lynchpin beneath. The mood ranges from Toki Fuko’s meditative “An Odor” to the hazy synths of Ian Dillon’s “Embers” and through to the sumptuous vocal delights of Oriana Favaro on Cattaneo and Soundexile’s “Closer” and the melancholy of “Perpetual (Day Mix)”. Big guns like Nick Warren and Henry Saiz provide deep cuts, interspersing the impressive group of newer names.

Disc 2 begins in mystical fashion, with the Arabic melodies of Simon Vuarambon and Sidartha Siliceo’s “Liberation” segueing into the haunting, glassy synths of Tara Brooks’ “Yugen”. Snatches of distant, solemn pianos abound on Dance Spirit’s “Kaleidoscope”, heady arpeggios reign supreme on Lonya and Audio Junkies’ “Ima” and also on Cattaneo’s and Soundexile’s lush “Deneb”, chunky groove powers the mix on forwards in Guy Mantzur’s “Requiem For Us” and rousing epics like Cattaneo and Soundexile’s “Pressure Drop” and Guy J’s “Brothers Vibe” propels into higher territories. It’s a classy collection of tracks that effortlessly blend and blur into one another.

Balance Presents Sudbeat Mixed by Hernan Cattaneo is out worldwide digitally February 24, 2017 and physically March 3, 2017 in North America.

Hernan Cattaneo North America Tour Dates
March 16  Washington D.C. @ Flash
March 17  Brooklyn, NY @ Output
March 18  Montreal, Canada @ Stereo
March 21  Miami, FL @ Biscayne Lady Yacht - Never Get Out of the Boat
March 24  Miami, FL @ Treehouse Miami
March 25  Chicago, IL @ Sound Bar

May 24-29  Bradley, CA @ Lightning in a Bottle

Balance Presents Sudbeat Mixed by Hernan Cattaneo Tracklist:
1. Toki Fuko - An Odor (Balance Version)
2. Sahar Z & Navar - The Dogma Code
3. Anton Tumas & Eugene Toale - Endless story
4. Ben Shaw - Above The Clouds (Dream Version)
5. Conures - Elegy
6. Kevin Di Serna & Ditian - Everest
7. Ian Dillon - Embers (Slow Version)
8. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Fantasy
9. Khen - Never Lose Your Innocence (Downtempo mix)
10. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile feat. Oriana Favaro - Closer
11. Nick Warren & Tripswitch - Savannah
12. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Perpetual (Day mix)
13. Konvex & The Shadow - Rubalove
14. Giddyhead - Smile Riven
15. Henry Saiz - Life is…

1. Simon Vuarambon & Sidartha Siliceo - Liberation
2. Tara Brooks - Yugen
3. VERLK - Lakebed
4. Dance Spirit - Kaleidoscope
5. Audio Junkies, Lonya - Ima
6. Navid Mehr - Random Act of Kindness
7. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Deneb
8. Juan Deminicis - Suburbean
9. Facundo Mohrr, Valdovinos - Random Walks
10. Guy Mantzur - Requiem for Us
11. Chicola - Clockers (Balanced mix)
12. Nick Varon - Sivota
13. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Pressure Drop
14. Guy J - Brothers Vibe
15. Crudito Sava - Todo y Nada

International Release Dates
Australia - February 17, 2017
UK/Europe/Asia - February 24, 2017
*North America - March 3, 2017

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