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Spoek Mathambo's 'Future Sound Of Mzansi' (Part 2)

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Part two of Spoek Mathambo and Lebogang Rasethaba's Future Sound of Mzansi documentary explores race, authenticity, and the legacy of apartheid in South African electronic music. Although some cross-pollination is happening between South Africa's cultural factions, the reality is that the shadow of apartheid is still having an impact on both music and social politics. Nightclubs are designated as white, colored, and black; radio stations are programmed to market specific types of music to their corresponding ethnic groups.

Jumping Back Slash and Jakob Snake wrestle with whether they, as white producers, have the right to make this music. Meanwhile, some producers argue that South African dance music needs to become popular internationally before it can reach across the country's social boundaries.

Vocalist Emmanuel Nzaramba, the only person of color in the John Wizards band, says that ultimately what's important is that South African culture shines: "When we go play in Europe, I try to tell [the rest of the band], you are not European, you are African—so that Africa can be a hero."

Future Sound of Mzansi is premiering over three episodes on THUMP. Watch part two here.

For more information on Future Sound of Mzansi, go to www.futuresoundofmzansi.com

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