Introducing Dubspot’s New Digital DJ / Producer Program - Featuring Ableton & Traktor
Courses Now Offered in NYC & Online

[VIDEO] Introducing Dubspot's DJ / Producer Program - Online & NYC: watch it here.

Dubspot is always pushing the envelope of possibilities when it comes to teaching their students. The evolution of technology is at the core of Dubspot’s programs, which train students to use software and hardware that is changing the future of music performance. They’re excited to announce that the renowned NY institution is now offering its first ever Online Digital DJ/Producer Programs</wbr>. With an Internet connection and a few key pieces of software it is now possible to learn how to DJ and produce music from the comfort of your own home. This marks a massive shift in possibilities for the school, which previously offered these courses only as part of the NYC in-house curriculum. Dubspot Online now offers a comprehensive education that mirrors the intimate classroom experience that Dubspot has developed and become renowned for. 

Digital technology continues to blur the lines between DJing and music production. The increasing interconnectivity between the two essential components of a musician’s abilities demands a new form of education adapted to these shifts. Dubspot’s cutting-edge, artist-developed Digital DJ / Producer Programs address these needs with a series of courses that teach you to DJ using Traktor Pro 2, while at the same time giving you insight on how to create music with Ableton Live. The combination builds a foundation for creative success, and teaches methods of blending both art forms for a strategic attack on music performance. These courses have been handcrafted by some of the sharpest minds in the music industry, and keep students aligned with the latest in creative technology.

Dubspot’s new programs start on August 7th in NYC and Online. Registration is now open to the public on Dubspot’s website.

Digital DJ w/ Traktor Pro 2 Program Online
This program includes all three levels of the Traktor Pro 2 Program where students will learn fundamentals of DJing and all of the features of Traktor.

Ableton Live Producer Certificate Program Online
In this program, students will learn the process of producing music and developing their own unique sound with Dubspot's six level Ableton courses.

Digital DJ / Producer Extensive Program Online
This program includes the first three levels of Dubspot’s six level Ableton program, along with all three levels of the Digital Djing with Traktor Pro 2 program.

Digital DJ / Producer Ableton Certificate Program
This program features all six levels of Dubspot’s Ableton program, along with all three levels of the Digital Djing with Traktor Pro 2 program.

Digital DJ / Producer Master Certificate Program Online
In this program, all six levels of Ableton Live are included along with three levels of the Traktor Pro 2 program, Sound Design & Synthesis, and Mixing & Mastering. The program creates a well rounded, comprehensive package where you will learn to produce music, DJ, create new and original sounds and polish your mixes.

About Dubspot
Dubspot is a world-class electronic music production & DJ institute in New York City. As one of the first Ableton Certified Training Centers in the world, Dubspot has become the premier music school for both aspiring & experienced producers & DJ’s. Most importantly, Dubspot is a growing community of musicians, visual artists, DJs, audio technology professionals, industry veteran producers, & enthusiasts of all genres who all have one thing in common: a love for music. Now, with Dubspot Online, this quality experience is available to anyone, anywhere.

For more information, visit</wbr>, email, or call their home base in New York City at 212.242.2100.