Kate Simko @ Dubspot Workshop
Live Ustream Video

May 16 at 7:30pm EDT

Creative workflow, scoring for film using Logic and using Max MSP to sync video to an Ableton Live performance

Dubspot is pleased to announce that Chicago’s Kate Simko (Ghostly, Spectral, Eklo, Hello? Repeat) will be joining them in their New York City classroom this Monday, May 16th for a workshop on her creative workflow, scoring for film using Logic, and using Max MSP to sync video to an Ableton Live performance.

For those in NYC who would like to attend, limited spots are available by RSVP on the Facebook event page. Anyone who can’t attend in person can watch the workshop live via Ustream on the Dubspot Blog.

Dubspot has found great success recently with their Mary Anne Hobbs and Soul Clap live streaming workshops, and are incredibly excited to welcome Kate for this next edition. Plus, Simko will be performing at the Hudson Bar on Sunday, May 15 with her visual artist, Jeffrey Weeter. Check out the show, and then find out how it’s all done the next day.

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About Kate Simko
Although her music tends to appear on hip techno labels like Spectral and Hello? Repeat, Kate Simko’s music blurs the lines between techno, house, IDM and soundtrack scores to create soulful moments for different settings. From her work scoring the PBS documentary The Atom Smashers, to her melodic tech/house singles such as “Mind on You,” Simko always brings a fresh take on composition that combines a soulful approach to songwriting with modern drum programming for the dance floor.

On May 23rd, Kate Simko will release Lights Out, her first full-length solo release, on Hello? Repeat records. The album is an amalgam of house music, techno sounding percussion, funky bass lines, and soulful vocals – proper dance floor material. Kate also recently returned from a European tour to support the release, and continues with select US dates, including her May 15th gig in NYC, and a Movement 2011 Opening Party at Oslo in Detroit.

Find out more about Kate in Michael Walsh’s full workshop preview/interview on the Dubspot Blog.

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