Dubspot Online Worldwide Launch Date
Dubspot's Ableton Live Producer Certificate Program -  January 31st
Registration is now open at

The world-premier of Dubspot Online, a new, state of the art, web-based learning environment, is now just days away. Launching Monday, January 31st with Dubspot's Ableton Live Producer Certificate Program, this new educational system will reinvent how people begin their careers in music production through its unique approaches to developing technical knowledge, artistic growth, and hands-on learning.

Dubspot's Ableton Live Producer Certificate Program provides comprehensive technical knowledge while also informing a student’s entire journey of becoming an artist. Through each of the six levels, programming techniques inside Ableton become increasingly rich and complex, while also becoming more tailored to a student’s personal voice and genre. Specialized compositional skills and story-telling methods are developed at an individual level, while Dubspot’s elite group of instructors demonstrate their own unique and effective workflow methods, from the basic to the advanced. Dubspot Online students leave with ability to improvise both creatively and technically, and invent new ways of bending the capabilities of Ableton around their individual goals.

By the end of the program, students will have developed a portfolio of work that includes 1) a four track EP, 2) a submission to an active remix contest, and 3) a video reel of commercials scored with their original compositions. Upon completion of this portfolio and an administrative review, successful students receive Dubspot’s Ableton Live Producer Certificate – an acknowledgment of their success, and a mark of Dubspot’s high standards.

Many other Dubspot Online courses on music production and DJing are starting soon. See dates below and visit for more details. Online students will also have access to community-wide forums for technical, artistic, and cultural discussions among staff, faculty, and visiting artists. These forums serve as an ever-growing knowledge base and connecting point for aspiring and established artists alike. Together with high quality instructional videos, bi-weekly chats, a variety of educational resources, online workshops, and more, Dubspot will revolutionize the world of online education in music production and DJing, just as it did the physical experience in the classroom.

Dubspot Online Upcoming Start Dates:
Ableton Live – January 31, 2011
Essential Music Foundations – February 21, 2011
Mixing & Mastering – March 13, 2011
Sound Design & Synthesis – March 27, 2011
Reason & Record – April 3, 2011
Logic Pro – April 3, 2011
Digital DJing w/ Traktor – April 17, 2011

*Registration is now open at has been re-designed and re-imagined to provide an intuitive, user-friendly experience, featuring an in-depth overview of the educational opportunities offered, plus videos discussing the school, students, and community, instructor profiles, details on their facilities, and more. Search for classes either by software or by focus (DJ, producer, or both), and check out the latest from the Dubspot Blog, which hosts in-depth artist interviews, smart technology reviews, inside industry updates, and exciting news from all around the music world.