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Dubspot, New York’s premier destination for electronic music production and DJ education is excited to announce several additions as it gears up for the Back-To-School season.  New instructors Patrick Cupo, Brian Jackson and Tony Grund will bring their extensive knowledge of Ableton Live 8 to the Ableton Certified teaching facility while John Selway and Zemi 17 share their own vast musical expertise with students.  The season also see’s the addition of several new courses including DJing with Ableton Live 8 and Ableton Live Production Concepts plus Max for Live/MSP and Jitter courses with another new instructor, Dave Linnebank. Dubspot is also introducing new advance electronic music classes for students who wish to take their previous musical knowledge to the next level.
Throughout the month of August, Dubspot presents various Back-To-School discounts for classes in August and for early registration. Finally, keep an ear out for the Dubspot Podcast Series, newly loaded with Dubspot instructors and favorites playing music that is both forward-thinking and educational.  For more info on all this , please check out the Dubspot Blog. With a growing list of unique classes and some of the most skilled instructors in the industry Dubspot continues to redefine music education for the digital age, and this month it's more affordable than ever for students to gain the skills and savvy needed to make it in the music industry today.
>Back To School Discounts : August Special 10-20% Off Upcoming Courses & Programs

We recently announced a batch of great savings and back-to-school discount specials on all of Dubspot’s Production and DJ Courses, Programs, and Workshops coming up (signed up for) in August!  Click here to view a list of upcoming courses and workshops.
  • Take 20% off any class starting in August.
  • Take 10% off any class you sign up for in August (classes start in September or later).
Visit for a list of upcoming courses and programs. Call us 212.242.2100 for details or email with the course or package you’re interested in.
>New Ableton Live Curriculum & Instructors: John Selway, Patrick Cupo, Brian Jackson, Tony Grund, Zemi17, Dave Linnenbank
Dubspot is one of the first Ableton Certified Training Centers in the world. We are proud to build on that distinction by offering a revamp, comprehensive Ableton curriculum and recruiting awarding winning music educators and Ableton specialists.Building on our already cutting-edge Ableton curriculum, Ableton Certified Trainers and specialists Patrick Cupo, Tony Grund, and Brian Jackson designed a detailed learning experience where students will be taught a wide variety Ableton techniques and essential musical concepts, so that upon completion they know how to compose, remix, synthisize and perform their own tracks. Meet the new instructors here:
John Selway built a high quality catalog of productions stretching back to the early nineties, both on his own and as a collaborator in various artist and label projects. From his first electronic band Chaotic Sound Matrix, to his major contributions to the early productions of Deep Dish; from his first success in the techno world as part of the seminal New York duo Disintegrator to the most successful of his collaborations, Smith & Selway, and his deep and minimal techno label CSM; from the intelligent electro-funk of Synapse and Serotonin Records, the electro and synth-pop of Memory Boy to the wild improvisational eclecticism of the Rancho Relaxo Allstars, Selway has created and helped to create one of the most stylistically wide ranging bodies of work in the world of electronic dance music.Selway recently joined Dubspot’s staff of distinguished instructors as Ableton Certified Trainer.
Patrick Cupo is an awarding winning music educator, professional studio musician, and the Director of Online Curriculum for Dubspot. He is an Ableton expert with 12 years of teaching experience ranging from private lessons to graduate school lectures.  Patrick started one of the world's largest and best Ableton education programs at Pershing Middle School in Houston, Texas.  He and his students won the 2010 MENC/NSBA Electronic Music Composition Talent Search in the Middle School category.
Brian Jackson was one of the very first Ableton Certified Trainers on the planet. He is the author of 3 tutorial DVDs on Ableton Live and tech editor for the Live 7 & 8 Power! books (among others) for Cengage Learning. Brian also regularly works as a creative-technical consultant for companies (e.g., Ableton and Access) and individuals (including multiple Grammy nominees/winners). Specializing in Mac-based digital audio, Brian started using Pro Tools in 1996. He is also a professional audio engineer (mixing and mastering), and brings to Dubspot more than eight years of teaching experience from various audio engineering schools in Manhattan.In 1999 Brian received an MA in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Prior to relocating from SF to NYC in 2002, he also worked for and Rocket Network (now DigiDelivery). Currently, his studio is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Aaron “Taylor” Kuffner, better known as Zemi17, is a Brooklyn based composer, producer, musician, DJ and media artist.  He is the co-creator, and art director of the Gamelatron: the world's first and only fully robotic gamelan orchestra.  He is the resident DJ for the legendary Danger events, based in Brooklyn. He formed the experimental multi-media theater group Ransom Corp in 1997, founded the 23 Windows Collective community arts studio in Brooklyn in 2001 and co-created and curated The Resonant Wave Experimental Multi Media Art Festival in Berlin in 2002.  He was a guest composer at Theater Thikwa for mentally disabled adults in Berlin in 2003.  In addition to years of musical research in Java and Bali supported by the Indonesian government, Zemi17 has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe both as a DJ, theater composer and director, and most recently with the Gamelatron as a signature installation at Portugal’s Boom Festival.
Tony Grund has been involved in music all over the world, from Florida and New York, to London and Japan. He uses his classical background and training to bring a unique sound to his productions, and is constantly exploring new ideas in music and multimedia art. Tony isone of the founding members of ambient/rock band echo stream, and also DJs around New York City and the east coast.
Dave Linnenbank boasts a decade-plus of experience with MaxMSP in all its various guises, in addition to his work as a musician and teacher. Dave’s migration in his teenage years from acoustic instruments to the world of synthesis began a life spent working with electronic music technology. His first use of Max was making controllable video pieces to accompany ambient songs in performance. Since then, Dave has used Max for a wide variety of audio and video applications, from editing and generating MIDI, to creating plug-ins and custom audio tools for music production for the recently-released bundle of Max For Live devices (Max Fuel, the First) from
We also have Ableton experts and Dubspot LA instructors Thavius Beck, Laura Escude, and Steve Nalepa making excellent video tutorials in LA. Visit our video tutorials
>Dubspot Podcast Series
Dubspot launched a new weekly podcast series earlier this Summer. There have already been episodes featuring some incredible guests including Brainfeeder artists and producer LORN, the Ancient Austronauts, Trouble & Bass DJ/producer Star Eyes, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Badawi, aka Raz Mesinai, Dub War founder and resident DJ Dave Q, producer Eliot Lipp, and Turntablist champ DJ Shiftee.  The best way to get Dubspot Podcast is by subscribing to it via iTunes! Visit the Dubspot Blog ( for more info.
As one of the first Ableton Certified Training Centers in the world, Dubspot has become the premier music school for both experienced & aspiring artists alike.  Most importantly, Dubspot is a growing community of musicians, DJs, visual artists, audio technology professionals, industry veteran producers, & enthusiasts of all genres who all share a deep passion for music.  Dubspot offers everything from digital music production programs (Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reason, Serato, and Native Instruments) to a diverse range of class offerings for all skill levels, budgets, and schedules.  It is the school that is redefining music education for the digital age while providing students with the skills and savvy in order to make music today.
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