Adultnapper + Mr C. present
Keep Off
The Video

(Poker Flat)

Sky’s the limit & you know that you keep on,
just keep on pressing on. Sky’s the limit &
you know that you can have what you want,
be who you want.

An inspired partnership indeed occured  between NYC‘s Adultnapper and London‘s  legendary Mr.C. as a love for all things musical and a passion for kissing the proverbial ass of the rich and famous drew them together, across an ocean of doubt, to form The Sycophant Slags. As a result, we are blessed with their latest gift to the world, "Keep Off" with Mr. C's long-awaited return to vocals.  The release comes complete with 2 unforgettable remixes from Reboot and The Wighnomy Brothers and a stunningly twisted  video by New York director Ariel Danziger.

Video Credits
Directed by: Ariel Danziger
Produced by:  Laurie McCarthy
Edited by:  Rhys Stover + Ariel Danziger
Director of photography: Marcus K. Jones
Production Design:  Cassia Mahar
Stylist: Nicole Akerman
Motion tracking & stabilizing: Tiffani Johnson

Adultnapper & Mr. C will both be performing at Sunday School For Degenerates on March 28th at Winter Music Conference 2010 - Miami, FL.