Jimmy Van M

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
Made Event presents

w/ AlterImage

Made Event presents the long awaited return of JIMMY VAN M to New York City at Cielo on Thursday, January 22nd with AlterImage.

There are only a handful of people in the world who have the drive to tackle all of the work Jimmy Van M has done for electronic music. Since the inception of his career he's had that passion that sets him apart from others. His strength as a DJ comes from the many years he's had behind the decks. Since 1992 he's invented his own vision and his own way of manipulating and delivering on the dancefloor. Early in his day's as a Twilo resident with Sasha & John Digweed (1996-2000), Jimmy's seamless, yet effortless style has cemented him as one of the best DJ's for starting the night off. Together they heralded in a new era of clubbing to the masses. A night of adventure became years of fun, which in turn became the legendary Delta Heavy tour in 2001. It was the first and only rockstar DJ Tour to take place in America with Jimmy kicking off each night, easing everything into place perfectly, setting the mood with his finesse and finest tunes. As brilliant of a warm up DJ as he is, one cannot underestimate his ability to deliver peaktime slots in the biggest clubs around the world.

Jimmy Van M has built a reputation on being among the most patient and sophisticated DJs to be found globally…from his opening sets to his peak-time club sessions and all the way through to the after-hours parties that he's become so famous for. His ability to deliver music ranging from the deepest of early morning sessions to the most banging and driving peak-hour main-room affairs has placed him in seemingly unlimited and ever-delightful company throughout the world. It remains as one of the most distinguishing features of this very urbane and global performer that, for him, the music must move and then move on. When it comes to atmosphere, vibe and drive there are very few DJs that can stand alongside Jimmy Van M. Whether it's putting together a cross-country tour, programming innovative and forward thinking g dance music or DJing to thunderous masses anywhere from Buenos Aires to Tokyo he is one of the most characteristic performers to be found anywhere.

18 Little West 12th Street
New York City
Doors at 10pm, 21+ Valid ID
$15 Advance Tickets while supplies last at
Tickets also available at Rebel Rebel, 319 Bleecker St NYC 212.989.0770
Event Info 917.723.9381