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ete d'amour
Thursday, September 25th 2008

Le Jean De presents
Last Summer Soiree!At Santos Party House
100 Lafayette St, NYC
Supermayer will save the world. Again.

Look out! It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Supermayer! The dynamic super duo of two of Kompakt Record's brightest stars, Michael Mayer and Superpitcher (aka Askel Shaufler) join forces to save the world again at Santos Party House on Thursday, September 25th.

This lighthearted combo of minimal masterminds came together to form a bond to boldly go where they had not gone before. Inspired by their interests in using a wide variety of musical genres, they created the collaborative production team called Supermayer. This spunky and charmingly playful group came out with the album “Save the World” in 2007. Supermayer has created a sonically diverse style that ranges from grinding techno to electro-pop by blending the use of electronic and organic instruments. Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Our high pedigree heroes are able to leap to new levels of audio bliss with a single bound, creating adoring audiences across the globe. All this is achieved under the label of Kompakt, one of the most prolific and respected labels in the industry. Not flinching in taking risks, the fearless duo sonically experiment with enough pounding dance beats, stratospheric synth washes, and electrified robot voices in their arsenal to slay even the most stubborn of rhythm-haters. Supermayer describe their music as “sexy, deep, dark, dangerous, and sometimes a bit jolly.” This heavy hitting team of Kompakt's reveled professionals have their mission statement firmly established and will continue to circle the universe with the cure for common techno. This will be a much anticipated, out of this world event that humanity cannot afford to miss!

Santos Party House
100 Lafayette Street
New York City
SANTOS PARTY LINE 212.714.4646
Doors open at 10pm
15 Advance Tickets while supplies last at
Tickets also available at Rebel Rebel, 319 Bleecker St NYC 212.989.0770
Other Music, 15 E 4th St NYC 212.477.8150