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Loco Dice

Thursday, July 10th 2008
Made Event presents
Loco Dice
‘7 Dunham Place' Album World Tour

Made Event presents uber techno and minimal DJ, Loco Dice, performing at Cielo on Thursday, July 10th, 2008 for his 7 Dunham Place album world tour.

A pioneer in the minimal techno movement, Dice started in the early 90s as a hip-hop DJ and rapper in Düsseldorf. After making it in the urban game, he quickly moved to dance music and took over. He has toured the world several times and is one of the most in-demand jockeys out there. His style is extremely unique and his techno productions have a way of grabbing your attention and immersing you in his world. He is an excellent on-the-spot remixer and his shows are legendary.

Now Loco Dice embarks on a world tour for his highly anticipated debut album ‘7 Dunham Place.' The LP has been created to take the listener on a journey: an album to be treasured as a fine-textured catalogue of the senses. Loco

Dice, who spends much of his time shuttling between the world's main electronic music ports as an in-demand DJ, packed up his studio and relocated to New York City. There, the renowned Düsseldorf DJ, producer and Desolat label head fomented a raw and simmering soundtrack: a nuance-packed collection of sonic interpretations of scenes, characters and moods from the most diverse and mythologized city in the world. The album specifically pays homage to their adopted home base, Brooklyn, while sketching the trajectory of a musical life uprooted and transplanted, where dream-like feelings of isolation and melancholy transmute into a sense of place and kinship with the myriad of lives and rhythms that stop this town from sleeping.

Loco Dice began a fruitful studio partnership with Martin Buttrich in 2002 leading to tracks like "Phat Dope Shit," "Menina Brasiliera," and "Seeing Through Shadows," and these productions are meticulously planned by Dice. It's a directorial, cinematic outlook, which permeates Dice's everyday life: fed by his experiences living in extreme environments like Ibiza and New York, as well as drawing on elaborate film scripts imagined as a young Loco Dice on the streets of Flingern in Düsseldorf and the Kerkennah Islands in Tunisia. It's an album that re-imagines the soul of a city, built from careful observations of urban tribes that crisscross and sometimes clash, of minute details and sensory impressions. From the two guys at the local deli who're always on the verge of fighting over football results or presidential candidates, to the tattooed lady couple who sell the morning soul food, all find their way into this cohesive collection of tracks which breathe deeply, and as they exhale, tell a story. Reduced grooves, kept infinitely personal.This album is full of trajectory sketches of a musical life uprooted and transplanted.

Loco Dice present ‘7 Dunham Place' is out now on Desolat.
'7 Dunham Place' is now available on Beatport

18 Little West 12th Street
New York City
Doors at 10pm, 21+ Valid ID
$15 Advance Tickets while supplies last at
Tickets also available at Rebel Rebel, 319 Bleecker St NYC 212.989.0770
Event Info 917.723.9381