Steve Bug

Thursday, March 20, 2008|
Made Event presents

Made Event presents minimal dance connoisseur and internationally renowned DJ and producer Steve Bug at Cielo with Adultnapper on Thursday, March 20th.

With over 17 years of experience, Steve Bug is truly one of the unsung leaders and innovators of the German electronic music scene and beyond. His impeccable sets reverb with seductive and laidback funk, dirty retro bass lines and random bleeps, incorporating techno, electro and basic funk into bare house grooves creating moody minimal and seductive music for the dancefloor.

With three different labels under his helm, Bug is able to cross the bridges between house & techno with his deep house oriented Dessous and the much-respected Poker Flat Recordings, the number one source for stripped down futuristic sounds with amazing musical diversity. On his third label Audiomatique, Bug has founded a playground for modern styles of techno and house. In between A&Ring the three labels and promoting two high profile club mix compilations last year- ‘Fabric 37' from the esteemed club series and ‘Fuse presents Steve Bug', Steve Bug is as prolific as ever. From the studio, Bug unleashed "A World Without Cru Savage" on Poker Flat where he demonstrates his chops for minimal elements put to maximum effect for the dancefloor.

Next, the brand new sixth volume in the Poker Flat series, ‘Dean Man's Hands' with CD1 mixed and compiled by Steve Bug, along with a bonus CD and brilliant mix by Clé is out now. Just like the notorious ‘Dead Man's Hand' in a high stakes all-nighter, this double CD release is full of carefully judged mind games and more than a few winning surprises from our finest artists. The album includes eight new exclusive tracks alongside the best current Poker Flat tunes on double-CD and double-12" for that inimitable Poker Flat sound. The new album sums up perfectly the ethos of the label, that is, to produce genre defining electronic music, that works perfectly whether inside the head or on the dancefloor. If the selection, depth and field of music available here says one thing about this la­bel of labels, it is that it's here to stay, and it's not about to start doing things quietly! Here's to Poker Flat in 2008 and beyond.....

Steve Bug in NYC & WMC
March 20th Made Event presents Steve Bug @ Cielo
March 30th PS103: Sunday School for Degenerates: Steve Bug + 20 Artists @ The Pawn Shop

Dead Man's Hand is a two-pair Poker hand, namely "aces and eights". The hand gets its name due to the legend of it having been the five-card draw hand held by Wild Bill Hickock at the time of his mur­der (August 2, 1876). It is accepted that the hand in­cluded the aces and eights of both of the black suits. The draw was interrupted by the shooting, and he never got the fifth card he was due. Although some claim it was the 9 of Diamonds.

18 Little West 12th Street
New York City
Doors at 10pm, 21+ Valid ID
$15 Advance Tickets at
Event Info 917.723.9381

Tickets also available at Rebel
Rebel, 319 Bleecker St NYC 212.989.0770
Other Music , 15 E 4th St NYC 212.477.8150