THE ORB \'Bicycles & Tricycles\'
Release Date: August 3rd 2004
Sanctuary Records

New York, NY - The Orb will release their album Bicycles & Tricycles on Sanctuary Records in August 2004. Long considered the originators of ambient house music and catalysts to the rise of electronic music in the charts, The Orb are now celebrated for a career of deftly free-spirited, good-humored musical creativity.

\"My motivation comes from having the same desire I did when we first started,\" explains Paterson. Bicycles & Tricycles</b> is an entirely modern effort with a pulse on 21st century dance and leftfield music, and a return to the caliber of innovative recording that brought the band critical and commercial acclaim. It features Alex\'s long-term collaborators Thomas Fehlmann, Simon Phillips, John Roome and Jimmy Cauty alongside UK MC\'s The Corpral and Soom-T. </p>

The free-spirited Bicycles & Tricycles</b> is full of traditional ORB humor and darkness, love and loathing, intensity and simplicity, embracing all the elements and contradictions that make Orb albums unique. It allows for exploration into atmospherics and multilayered sounds to get lost in. \"The Land Of Green Ginger\" is classic Orb (with a guest appearance from the rooster of classic \"Little Fluffy Clouds\") with quirky storytelling samples effectively transporting you to another land. MC Soom-T provides the lyrical rhyming on \"Aftermath\". \"Prime Evil\" layers sinister lyrics with twisted EFX and bleeps. Meanwhile, the upbeat \"Gee Strings\" brings pop tempos to life, while the dub-influenced downbeat of \"Tower Twenty Three\" slows things down. </p>

With their latest release, Bicycles & Tricycles</b>, The Orb maintain the right alchemy and continue on their uncharted trajectory into the galaxy, opening up ears to a spectrum of undiscovered sounds. The album will be supported by a live tour of the UK in May, and accompanying DJ dates in the United States. Dr. Alex Paterson will be available for select interviews.</p>

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